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SEO Basics: how to get started


Content: The probably most important thing you need to do to first if you want to be found on Google is to write relevant, unique and quality content. Even if your site is technically perfect for search engines,  it won´t work unless you also fill it with good content. Titles are also very important; when you write a short and focused title, you make it easier for you visitors and search engines to know what your site is about. You also want to write descriptive sub-headlines and concise paragraphs that make it easier to get a visitor click through your site. Remember also to fill your text with keywords related to the theme of your page and repeat them often, but don´t do keyword stuffing, that may work for a while but you don´t want to be penalised by search engines. Be careful with spelling too. Many sites use within their texts all misspellings keywords which goes against the definition of good content.

Avoiding Frames: Another important point in SEO is to avoid using frames. Search engines have a difficult time with frames and they don´t work on usability terms. Using frames can stop the search engines from finding pages within a Web site, so you don´t want that.

Get links pointing to your site: this is not a very easy thing to do. You may contact other sites and ask them to link to your site in exchange for putting a link on yours. Some people also pay for linkbuilding programs in order to get important sites pointing to theirs. In the search engines point of view, the more links you have pointing to your site the better, because that means your site is worth pointing at. So getting linked is a very important thing to do.

Meta tags: Meta tags provide information about a given site, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly,  but they are not visible to the visitor. Nowadays meta tags are not as important as we used to believe, so don´t waist a lot of time on them. In any case, you can always add some keywords and use the meta description element.

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